Physical Items:

The Ignacio Community Library appreciates donations
of the following items:

  •     Books

  •     Magazines

  •     Audiobooks on CD

  •     Movies on DVD and Blu-ray

  • *Unfortunately, we cannot accept VHS films, cassette tapes, CDs, text books or encyclopedias.

We request that your donated items are in clean, reusable condition (without dust and/or any unexpected critters living inside!)

Financial Contributions:

The Ignacio Community Library will gratefully accept any contributions of money in the form of cash or check, as well as any bequests designated by an individual or estate. All donations are tax deductible!

Further Inquires:

Any questions about large or unusual physical or financial donations should be sent to the Library Director, Marcia Vining, or our Network Coordinator, Dixie Cook.

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