Ignacio Community Library Accessibility Statement

ADA Accessibility Statement
The Ignacio Community Library is committed to providing fair and equal access for all
people who wish to use the library and its collection with adaptive technologies
and Services for Persons with Disabilities.

Ignacio Community Library Accessibility
We make every effort to keep this website and all of the library’s electronic resources as
accessible as possible.

If you find an accessibility issue with this site, please contact us by phone at 970-563-
9287 by mail at Ignacio Community Library, PO Box 886, Ignacio, CO 81137, or by
email at lvontauffkirchen@ignaciolibrary.org
We try to respond to feedback by phone or email within 4 business days; responses
may take longer via post. We will do our best to fix any accessibility issues brought to
our attention, and if we cannot fix an issue, we will do our best to provide a more
accessible alternative.

Web Accessibility
The Ignacio Community Library is committed to ensuring that its web pages comply
with WCAG 2.2 AA, published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web
Accessibility Initiative (WAI), available at www.w3.org/TR/WCAG. Please note that
certain files available for download from this website are Portable Document Format
(PDF) files that require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Accessibility Feedback Form
The Ignacio Community Library continually strives to improve the experience for all of
our visitors. We welcome your feedback about the accessibility of ICL. Please submit
your concerns or if you’ve encounter accessibility barriers in the form below and a staff
member will respond within four (4) business days.

Services for Persons with Disabilities
The Ignacio Community Library is committed to providing fair and equal access for all
people who wish to use the library and its collection with adaptive technologies.
A physical ADA workstation is available at ICL. Hardware includes headphones/microphones, an adjustable table, an alternative mouse, and a typing aid.

eBooks, Audio eBooks & Streaming Movies
Overdrive eBooks and Audio eBooks
Overdrive* offers several Accessibility Features including the ability to:
 Enable dyslexic font on the Overdrive website or in the app
 Enable the high contrast option on the OverDrive website
 Change an  ebook’s font size  in the OverDrive app
 Browse the OverDrive website with a screen reader
 Read accessible eBooks on your computer or mobile device with native
screen readers  
 Use keyboard shortcuts in OverDrive with Windows or a Mac
 Use the tab key to navigate the Overdrive website 
 Download audiobooks in the MP3 format for the best experience for users who
are visually impaired
*Library card required

Kanopy Streaming Video
Kanopy* offers the following Accessibility Features:
 Enable closed captions, subtitles, and transcripts
 Use Kanopy’s website and video player with screen reader technologies on
desktop browsers, and iOS and Android devices
 Use the tab key to navigate the Kanopy website 
*Library card required
Other Ignacio Community Library Special Services

Home Delivery Programs
We offer Home Delivery service to those in our service area who are unable to get to
the library through Dewey, our bookmobile or through Materials by Mail service. Please
contact Dixie at 970-563-9287, or dcook@ignaciolibrary.org for the Bookmobile or Liz at
970-563-9287 or lvontauffkirchen@ignaciolibrary.org for Materials by Mail.

Service Animals 
The Ignacio Community Library welcomes service animals to our facilities. Per the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are canines and miniature
horses ONLY. All service animals must always be under the handler’s control and they
must have a harness, leash, or other tether unless handler’s disability prohibits their use or if the animal’s tasks would be directly hindered by such equipment. 
An animal that primarily provides emotional support, comfort and/or companionship for a person with a disability is not considered a service animal and is not allowed at the
Ignacio Community Library.  Service animals that enter any library are expected to behave. If a service animal misbehaves and/or creates an unsafe environment for customers and staff, Library staff reserve the right to ask the handler to leave and return without the service animal.  This can include barking, growling, jumping, running, being over-friendly or relieving themselves.