The Ignacio Community Library is interested in helping you make more money. To be clear, I am not suggesting printing your own currency. What I would like you to consider is turning an idea or invention you have into cash. 

The Library’s makerspace is based out of the IDEA LAB on the second floor of the building. But really a makerspace is more of an intention than a location. Sure we hold classes and provide individual coaching on specific applications of technology, and of course there are a wide variety of tools, materials and software for patrons to use but our #1 priority is in providing information and support for YOUR maker projects. These projects might be for personal enjoyment or enrichment, a school assignment or a business venture.

But did you know that every year large sums of money are awarded to individuals and groups as prizes for a large list of contests of all kinds. The prize money can range from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands for more serious projects. For example the American Libraries Association (ALA) Teen Video Contest has a prize of $200 while at the InnoCentive Challenge Page you will find prizes as high as $50,000. A quick search will find an astounding variety and number of these contests and some do not require an invention but are graphic design challenges for posters to convey specific types of information. 

Share your idea or invention to make a better world and maybe receive some recognition and additional incentive in the process. 

The IDEA LAB is available for patron use by reservation. For assistance with specific software or equipment, please contact the Service Desk to make arrangements.