Kanopy Streaming

The ICL is proud to provide the online streaming service Kanopy for our patrons!

All patrons need to do to sign up is go to the following web address: http://ignaciolibrary.kanopy.com

Then sign in with your ICL library card number and verify your email account by clicking Sign-Up!

Every month patrons will have access to ten films of their choice, as well as unlimited Kanopy Kids movies and Great Courses.

*It is important to note that for the ten films of choice once a patron has clicked “Watch” on a film they will have 72 hours to watch that movie as many times as they want before it resets. If they want to watch the same film again they will have to use one of their ten credits!

Click the following link to be taken to a FAQ page from Kanopy’s website for any further questions you may have: help.kanopy.com