Digital Sign Event Ad Requests

Ignacio Community Library Digital Sign Policy

Ignacio Community Library (ICL) uses its digital signs to promote library events and activities and will, on occasion and as space allows, advertise community events and information as well. Advertising on ICL’s outdoor, digital sign is available to local non-profit groups including public schools and government agencies. Advertised events must be open to the public.

Non-library ads will be run on a 1:5 ratio (one non-library ad per 5 library ads). They will
run no longer than 3 weeks prior to an advertised event. Library events take precedence over non-library events. Organizations located within the Ignacio Library District have priority over organizations located outside the Library District.

Digital advertising will not be used for: political campaigns, rallies, or caucuses, religious
services, private social functions, events where employees are recruited, or products or
services are sold. Items to be advertised must be submitted via email to the library director for approval three weeks prior to the ad date. Upon approval items will be forwarded to the library’s marketing staff. Items must include both email and phone number of contact person.

Board Approved 07/21/21

If you wish to have your event displayed, please fill out and submit the form below.