Digital Badges

Digital Badges are now available from Ignacio Community Library!

Simply put, a digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. These badges can be earned in a wide variety of environments.
A digital badge serves both as recognition of learning or achievement AND digital proof of that accomplishment.
To receive a Digital Badge, ICL patrons will need to create an account with:

Badgr | Achieve Anything, Recognize Everything
(The Library will need your log in information to award badges.)

*The Brick Builder Badge is awarded for completing Lego builds. The award comes in several levels of accomplishment:
Brick Builder- Beginning
Brick Builder- Intermediate
Brick Builder- Expert

To earn a Brick Builder digital badge the
requirements are as follows:
-Follow the Lego instructions to build a kit of
the required difficulty.
-Take a picture of yourself with the completed kit. Additional photos of the build in progress are optional.
-Disassemble the Lego kit, return to library with your
photo or digital copy.
-Share your Badgr email address with Ron in the IDEA LAB.

Brick Designer Badge- also divided into beginner,
intermediate and expert:
Brick Designer – Beginner, minimum 200 pieces
Brick Designer – Intermediate, minimum 500 pieces
Brick Designer – Expert, minimum 800 pieces

To earn a Brick Builder Designer badge the
requirements are as follows:
-Create an original brick build project of the
required number of pieces.
-Create a parts list of the pieces used in the build.
-Design a minimum of 3 pages of build instructions
for the project.
-Digitally record your work and share with the Library.