ICL Online Catalog

Click to access: ICL’s Online Catalog.

The Ignacio Library belongs to a consortium of over 100 libraries in the state of Colorado that all freely share materials with one another, called “Aspencat”. If you would like to place a hold on something from another library that we do not have, go to our catalog and log-in with your library card number (24336000XXXXXX) and password – which is your last name in all lower case letters. Then, once you look up the material(s) you would like to request, click the dark purple “Place a Hold” button on the left side of the screen and confirm that you would like to pick it up at the Ignacio Library.

*Normally materials take at least one week to arrive at our library, after which we will give you a call that it has arrived. (You can also sign up to receive email notifications.) However, due to COVID-19 trading among libraries may be affected by closings or travel delays. We sincerely appreciate patience from patrons during this time!