Ways You Can Help Your Community

Ignacio COVID-19 Mutual Aid: Drive-up distribution takes place every Saturday at 10 am at the ELHI Community Center in Ignacio: Community distribution for anyone living in the Ignacio, Arboles, Breen or Hesperus of food, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, and baby supplies. If you would like to donate food/supplies please follow us on Facebook, email CovidIgnacio@gmail.com, or call 804-894-7384 for more information!

Masking Making for Mercy Hospital: If you would like to make and donate masks to the medical professionals at Mercy please follow these Official Mask Making Instructions on how to make them and properly drop them off!

(*The ICL will also always be accepting mask donations of any kind so that we can assist in distributing them to anyone locally who may need one!)

Help Colorado Now: This webpage is a one-stop resource dedicated to connecting citizens of Colorado who want to give their time, money or resources to agencies and organizations Colorado in need!

The La Plata County SWCODA has created a La Plata Resources and Updates page that serves as a hub for up-to-date, accurate information and resources to support residents, businesses and visitors during COVID-19. Community members and organizations are encouraged to share ideas and resources as the website and social media pages will be regularly updated.