Voices of Ignacio

“Voices of Ignacio” is a program curated by the Ignacio Community Library in Ignacio, Colorado. It was created by a former ICL staff member, Renee Morgan, and was implemented with the help of financial aide received from the “Latino Americans: 500 Years of History” grant, which aims to assist with illuminating under-represented groups. Voices of Ignacio stresses the importance of keeping any interviews, photos and documents collected from members of the Ignacio community positive and open to all who want to participate. This initiative was kick-started in January 2016 and to date we have fifteen interviews recorded from local community members, dozens of school yearbooks preserved in digital format, and hundreds of photos/documents scanned and digitized.

Ignacio is a diverse community with a historical and storied past so we felt this project would go well for the area. Our project goals are ambitious. We want to keep the design positive by:

-Unifying the community by sharing stories of Southern Ute, Hispanic and Anglo residents.

-Creating a rich and searchable online archive with narrative recordings and images.

-Curating virtual exhibits highlighting local residents’ memories of the area.

-Promoting mutually beneficial relationships with local cultural institutions.

View the Voices Website here at Voices of Ignacio (cvlcollections.org)