Latest COVID-19 Policies and Practices for the Ignacio Community Library

The ICL is doing its best to continue to provide numerous supports to our community every single day from 9 am to 4 pm. Please consider following us on our Facebook page, which will help keep you best updated with our most current announcements!

MATERIALS CHECKOUT: Patrons can check out materials curbside by calling the library at 970-563-9287 and letting us know what you would like to check out. (Click HERE to browse our library’s catalog.) Only if an item says “On Shelf” can you actually check it out at this time. We will then pull the materials off our shelves, check them out to your account, and meet you when you get here to give them to you.

PRINT, COPY, FAX: Patrons may call ahead to let the library know if they need something printed, faxed or copied. Prints can be sent wirelessly by emailing anything needing to be printed to the email address (Please be aware that wireless documents cannot be printed in color at this time.) For faxing and copying needs a librarian will meet you outside to take your papers and then will bring them back out to you when the requested task is complete.

COMPUTER USE: Patrons can now call the library and request to use a computer in-house. We only have a limited number of computers available at a time due to distancing measures being taken, and patrons can only stay on a computer in the library for one session’s total duration (90 minutes). Computers will be cleaned after every use, and all users must wear a mask.

NOTARY: For all notary services please call ahead and schedule an appointment – a notary will be present at the library almost every single day of the week from 9 am to 4pm, but cannot always be guaranteed.

RETURNS: Please feel free to return any materials you have to the ICL, or other libraries that you ordered through the ICL, by placing them in the drive-up bookdrop on the east side of the building. All materials will be cleaned, placed under UV lighting, and then will be left to sit for five days before being re-shelved.

***MASK USE: Everyone who steps inside the library must wear a mask until further notice. We are making this a requirement in cooperation with recommendations made by the San Juan Basin Public Health Department. If you do not have a mask of your own please let us know and we will be happy to provide one for you!

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and support during this intense and ever-changing time. The ICL is so proud to serve the incredible community of Ignacio, Colorado and we look forward to when we can re-open even more!