Library History

In addition to the McClanahan Community Room, the new facility offers another media-equipped room where classes and smaller meetings can be held. Classes have included:

Computer (beginning, e-mail, Excel, Word)
Digital photography
Gardening, Xeriscapes
Home Canning
Dog Training
Motorcycle Safety
Writing Workshops
Quiet space for private study and small groups is provided for: there are three small rooms which may be reserved for tutoring or study.

The larger space available in the new building is used to display the work of local artists, both on the walls and in a glass case for sculpture, ceramics, and other three dimensional items. Displays are changed quarterly, and the Library holds a reception for each display, where the artists speak about their work and their methods. Small as it is, the Ignacio District boasts an unusual number of artists and craftsmen: painters in oil, acrylic and watercolor, sculptors, jewelry makers, potters, fiber artists, some of whom use fleece from their own alpacas and sheep, makers of art glass, and printmakers. The Library is proud to display their work.