Library History

At its inception in 1991, the library was titled “The Butch McClanahan Memorial Library” to honor a beloved and highly respected resident who had recently passed away. As the new larger library took shape, the Board of Trustees realized that it would be essential, especially in this time of changing information technology, to link into the wider network of professional librarians and organizations. It was apparent that the name would not identify the library with Ignacio, nor would it be meaningful to those outside the community. The Board decided that using the District name, “Ignacio Community Library,” would emphasize community in this ethnically diverse area, and the library’s mission to serve everyone. The most prominent meeting room was then named the “Butch McClanahan Community Room,” to continue honoring Butch among local residents. Later, in 2013, Butch’s widow, Jean, who had given many hours of volunteer service to the library, was added to the designation with a rededication ceremony and a name change to “McClanahan Community Room.”

Finally, in September 2007, the new facility was ready for business. The Grand Opening celebration featured a prayer of dedication in the Southern Ute tradition, colorful Mexican style dance, cowboy music, and drumming, incorporating the multi-cultural heritage of the Ignacio area. Two ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held, one for the McClanahan Room and one at the main entrance to the library.

The dramatic expansion of Ignacio’s Library from its modest beginnings in an 1800 sq.ft. remodeled store to a new 11,000 sq.ft. facility purpose-built library, did not go unappreciated or unused by District residents and others.